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Dietary notes

I don’t suppose there will be widespread interest in my diet but I need to make notes for myself, with links, and I see no reason why this should be private—and who knows, it might interest somebody at some point.

I’ve been finding recently that taking my health seriously, and especially, research with a view to more-or-less immediate action, is a powerful anti-depressant. (Was taking OTC/herbal ADs for well over a year but stopped 2-3 months ago. On first getting into this, a couple of weeks ago, I felt more buoyant than in years!) This page is for notes on the dietary side of things.

There is another specific health issue. On the advice of my GP I’m currently (31 May 2016) taking omeprazole, a proton pump inhibitor (PPI), to allow a stomach ulcer to heal by reducing stomach acid. A 2013 review of PPI side effects and complications comes to fairly reassuring conclusions but in the main body of the text the findings are often “unproven” rather than “not guilty”. A generally accepted issue with PPIs is symptom rebound when they’re discontinued. I just cut the dosage by half (from two 10mg capsules to one per day), so we’ll see how it goes. The intention is to manage symptoms using a restricted diet, see below.

Learned about the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) diet from this BBC TV programme. Main take-away: benefits of veganism. This NHS page seems quite a good starting point on going vegan (but I currently intend only to move gradually in that direction). Programme interviewed a 100 year old retired surgeon who looked to be in his early seventies, worked until he was 95, sounded entirely compos mentis and claimed he was still entirely capable of conducting a major operation. He’s been vegan for 50 years. Large research studies on SDAs suggest that vegans have lowest levels of typical age-related diseases, with inclusion of dairy, seafood and meat each adding statistically significant risk.

Porridge has been my breakfast staple for a while now, particularly since my duodenal ulcer was diagnosed. It seems soothing, but it can get a bit boring. Decided to try multigrain, very much looking forward to it! Need to do some more research before deciding on the details though. DIY GLUTEN-FREE MULTI-GRAIN PORRIDGE RECIPE looks quite good. But I’ll probably start just adding chopped nuts and maybe a little dried fruit.

Was discussing the alkalising diet with a friend today, who believes in and follows it. Later found The Alkaline Diet Myth: An Evidence-Based Review, by which I’m fairly convinced that there’s nothing in it. Can’t decide whether to mention it to her! But here’s an important point: according to that article, at least, that diet is generally healthy, just not for that reason.

(Later: now view that article as superficial, some of the pro-alkalising people dig much deeper, but I’m still inclined to the same conclusion (good diet for other reasons). Also, have now discussed it with the friend mentioned, and we’re fine!)

A few days later: business being very slow, I’ve had quite a lot of time to spend on this issue. I’m finding the paleo-vegan diet very attractive, but being high in fats (it compensates by being low on carbs), I think it’s probably wrong for ulcer sufferers. In the short term, in fact, I need to focus on that to the exclusion of all other dietary issues (except I think I need to boost protein). Meanwhile, I remain pescatarian.

  • Breakfast: porridge moderately fortified with nuts and dried (occasionally fresh) fruit, small glass fruit juice, buttered toast with yeast extract, cheese or a boiled egg.
  • Lunch: vegetable soup which will usually be bolstered by extra carbs (rice or pasta) or protein (fish) or both, sometimes followed by fresh fruit.
  • Tea: variable but always light, more protein if lunch lacked it and vice versa.

Something I read recently made me slightly anxious about possible health risks from the non-stick coating Teflon but this information from the American Cancer Society reassured me.

(Beginning to think this would be better as a series of blog posts.)

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